These Partners of LGBTQ+ Celebs Were Not Afraid to Show Their True Selves

Published on June 15, 2021

Even though Pride Month happens once per year, we should celebrate Pride love all year round! Love is love, regardless of gender and age. These celebrities have proven that love knows no boundaries. They have been brave enough in their lives to be themselves against hardship and love whomever they want to. Loving someone shouldn't be difficult, but it can be as an LGBTQ+ celebrity in our world of judgment and criticism. 

These celebrities have prioritized happiness and freedom by loving who their heart desires. Sit back and enjoy this lovely list of famous LGBTQ+ couples, whether past or present, who have conquered the Hollywood scene!

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi 

Even if you're not familiar with current LGBTQ+ couples in Hollywood, you've probably heard of Ellen and Portia. These two have been one of the most popular power couples since 2004. Back when they first met, they were very occupied with their careers. Portia was building her modeling and acting career, while Ellen focused on stand-up comedy, which evolved into the creation of the famous Ellen show.

The two love birds got married after four years of being together and still are happily in love. Portia doesn't appear on the Ellen show that often but whenever she does, Ellen never fails to show how much she appreciates her. The two have become one of the most iconic LGBTQ+ couples of our age and are a great example of what true love should look like. Ellen even received a Presidential Medal of Freedom for fighting for LGBTQ+ rights!